Jets increase season-ticket prices, accelerate renewal deadline

We don't know what Jets owner Woody Johnson will be doing with the $33.7 million gift from quarterback Aaron Rodgers. We know one thing he won't be doing.

Woody won't be passing the savings along to his customers.

Via Brian Costello of the New York Post, the Jets will raise season-ticket prices for 2024. The increase, per the report, averages 10 percent per ticket per game.

It will be the third straight year of price increases for Jets season-ticket holders.

And there's more. The Jets want their best customers to renew their season tickets by November 15. Usually, the renewal deadline comes in the spring.

The official reason for the early deadline is to know the inventory for next year, given the requests the team already is fielding. The unofficial reason could be that they want to get people locked in, in the unlikely event Rodgers decides not to play next year.

The basic reality is supply and demand. The Jets are currently a hot commodity. Whether it's the vague promise of 2024 with Rodgers or the pro-Jets vibe currently among the fan base, why not extract commitments for next season now?

Football is business. They say "football is family" only because it's good for business to say football is family. Football is business.

And this is a business decision. It's a for-profit endeavor. Johnson wants to make as much profit as he can.

It's how the rich get rich. It's how the rich stay rich. And it's why Rodgers, when negotiating his deal with the Jets, was looking for a sliver of equity.