Jets gain ground in AFC East without even playing a game

The Jets entered their bye week 3-3 following a big win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 6. That out them right in the playoff mix for their week off. They’re positioning became a little better on Sunday and they didn’t even have to do anything.

The Jets watched as they gained a half-game on both the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills in the AFC East thanks to both teams losing Sunday. The Bills were stunned by the New England Patriots 29-25 while the Dolphins dropped a 31-17 decision to the Eagles.

As a result, the Dolphins now sit at 5-2 and the Bills are 4-3. The Jets already have a win over the Bills and still have both games to play against the Dolphins, the first of which comes on Black Friday.

Buffalo now sits as the last team in the AFC playoffs. The Jets are in a 3-3 logjam with the Texans and Bengals and the Colts and Raiders are also right behind at 3-4.

The Jets got to rest and find themselves in a better position then they were 24 hours ago.

Story originally appeared on Jets Wire