Jets add formidable talent in McDonald

Chris Simms and Ahmed Fareed analyze Will McDonald's great edge pass rushing ability combined with quick speed and how he will strengthen the New York Jets defense.

Video Transcript

AHMED FAREED: All right, Jets.

CHRIS SIMMS: J-E-T-S-- Jet's, Jets, Jets, Jets.

AHMED FAREED: Their pick is in-- the Aaron Rodgers-led Jets. Maybe it'll be a wide receiver. The Packers never did that for him.

CHRIS SIMMS: They don't need a receiver. I want to think it's our deep tackle from Pitt, Calijah Kancey, right? I think it could go, like-- their defense is awesome. It goes next-level with a guy like that.

AHMED FAREED: A lot of rumors, chatter-- maybe Jaxon Smith-Njigba. But you just don't see it.

CHRIS SIMMS: I don't know. I mean, I know he's not highly valued on some teams' boards. The tackles are out of the conversation to me at 15. I don't think there's one there.

AHMED FAREED: The pick is in. It is--

- Yeah, Kyle.

AHMED FAREED: Pretty cool-- Kyle from Make-a-Wish is going to announce the pick.

CHRIS SIMMS: Yeah, Kyle.

KYLE STICKLES: Thank you, Mr. Goodell.

AHMED FAREED: Kyle Stickles. Well-done, young man. He's crushing it.

CHRIS SIMMS: Crushing it-- he really is. Make-a-Wish.

AHMED FAREED: He could announce a future superstar for his favorite team. Here it is. The pick is-- J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets.

- Well-done.

AHMED FAREED: Will McDonald!

CHRIS SIMMS: There he goes!


CHRIS SIMMS: There he goes. Remember? He's a guy that I said I think he should probably be higher in my mock, right? I said he was one of the guys that I go, I'm putting him at the end of the first round. But I think there's a chance he goes somewhere. Him and Van Ness were both those guys, right? McDonald-- wow. He just can-- he's as long as it gets. He's got great edge pass rushing ability.

And then he has maybe the greatest pound-for-pound strength guy in the draft. I mean, for 240, to be able to have that type of length and do the things we talk about-- and then you can see right here as we're watching the highlights. Like, he's one of the better benders in the draft too. And then he's just, like, an awesome football player. I compared him to Leonard Floyd. He's a Leonard Floyd with better pass rush ability. And I think that's why he's being picked at pick 15.

AHMED FAREED: You loved all of these edge guys. McDonald you were probably higher on than most.

AHMED FAREED: I think you were higher on Lukas Van Ness.

CHRIS SIMMS: Because McDonald--

AHMED FAREED: It's kind of playing out that way.

CHRIS SIMMS: Well, McDonald got played in a position that wasn't fair to him. Remember I talked about that in the, like, breaking him down?


CHRIS SIMMS: He had to play, like, 3-4 defensive end. So he was asked to like-- he's jumping over cars again like we showed on the podcast. He-- he has the ability to, like, take on tackles and guards and be like, are you 290? Or are you 240? But he runs like he's, you know, 205. And that's where he's really, really special. He's got it at all.

AHMED FAREED: Aaron Rodgers has got a defense. He just needs one or two touchdowns a game.

CHRIS SIMMS: Top-five defense in football, they get that guy, and then we know the offense is going to be better with Aaron Rodgers at the helm.