Jets add another piece to defense with McDonald IV

The New York Jets continue to add talented players up front with the selection of edge rusher Will McDonald IV out of Iowa State.

Video Transcript

- Well, the Jets dropped from number 13 to number 15 as part of the Aaron Rodgers trade. They lost out on tackle, Broderick Jones. When on the clock at 15, the Jets go with edge rusher, Will McDonald, who necessarily benefits from the presence of Quinnen Williams on the inside. Less attention to the outside, greater opportunities to get around the edge and harass some of the great quarterbacks that the Jets will see this year in their division and out of their division.

They'll face Patrick Mahomes. They'll see Jalen Hurts, Dak Prescott, Daniel Jones, et cetera. They need more help defensively. That's what they get with pick number 15. You can't help but wonder what might have been if they hadn't given the 13th pick to the Packers as part of that Aaron Rodgers trade. Regardless, they stayed in the top 15. They got a player that they think will help them get better, and now we see if that defense already very potent with Sauce Gardner, Quinnen Williams and company, gets even better in 2023 and beyond.