Jets' Adam Gase opens up on Christopher Johnson conversations: 'He wants to win as much as we do'

Garrett Stepien
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Adam Gase Seattle Seahawks
Adam Gase Seattle Seahawks

With an 0-13 record, second-year head coach Adam Gase is honest about where the Jets are. After a 40-3 loss at the Seattle Seahawks this past Sunday, the Jets fell to 7-22 under Gase, with a few games left to avoid finishing the 2020 season winless.

Given how things have gone, what are Gase's weekly conversations like with Jets owner and CEO Christopher Johnson? Gase opened up on those Wednesday as Gang Green prepares for a 4:05 p.m game Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams.

"Anything he's ever said to me after a game, really, it's been about our guys -- how hard they're playing, what we do we need to do different to try to change the result, do we need different guys out there," Gase said. "He can see it and look at, 'Hey, are we playing hard or not? All right, where are we making our miscues?' Some of them are obvious to everybody of, 'All right, hey, we lost that game because of this,' penalties or we didn't finish the game situationally, we let a ball get over our head when we shouldn't. However you want to look at that call, player, or however you see that, those things, we have those discussions and, really, everything is -- he can see the effort the guys are playing with. It's just we've got to find a way to finish some of these games."

Six of the Jets' 13 losses in 2020 have come by 10 points or fewer, including a 31-28 defeat Dec. 6 to the Las Vegas Raiders where a 46-yard touchdown with five seconds left squandered Gang Green's potential first win.

"This is a results-oriented business -- nobody cares about the process, for the most part, and coaches and players have to focus on the process and that's what we have to do," Gase said. "Outside of that, most people are just looking for the end result."

Even after a game like the Raiders result, Gase was honest about Johnson's level-headed demeanor.

"It's hard for me to say," Gase said. "I think he's very -- I've never seen anger. I mean, he's like all of us. You know, he wants to win as much as we do."

Either way, a loss is a loss and the Jets are not getting the job done -- something Gase described as feeling like he is letting his boss down.

"Yeah, yes," Gase said. "You know, try to figure out where things went wrong, what can we change, how -- I mean, you're trying to, it's like you're trying to evaluate things as you go and adjust to try to fix whatever the issue would be for that month or those three games or four games. But at the end of the day, it's about winning. We haven't done that. For him not to feel a playoff feel of being competitive in December is it's disappointing to me that we haven't been able to do that for him."

An official decision on the Jets' future with Gase is ultimately to be determined, but Johnson's expectations are clear.

"Yeah, I mean, he knows how I feel," Gase said. "I've told him multiple times of -- he deserves better, especially how he is with our players, our staff, coaches. It doesn't matter, anybody involved in this organization. I mean, I couldn't ask to work for a better guy."