Jessica Simpson gets backlash for her 'business casual' look

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Jessica Simpson isn’t quite who you’d expect to see walking into an office, but she was dressed and ready to get down to business with her latest look. On Monday, the mogul shared her ensemble from the brand RtA, which she described in the caption on Instagram as “business casual.” Rocking a pinstripe suit jacket with a matching skirt featuring a frayed hemline, she paired the set with a black hoodie, over-the-knee boots, and some sunglasses. Simpson might have been feeling like she was ready to take meetings, but her followers disagreed. Receiving remarks like, “Not where I work!” were accompanied by the question, “Oh darling how do you sit with this skirt?” People’s main concerns were the length of the skirt, paired with the height of the boots, which they said made the look “too informal.” But others took Simpson’s satire into consideration, commenting solely on how well she pulls off the look. The controversial short hemline isn’t anything new for Simpson, who is well known for her role as Daisy in the remake of the film The Dukes of Hazzard. Her character was infamous for rocking short jean shorts and cowboy boots, showing off her legs.

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