Jerry Stackhouse totally owns Nets fans/haterz on Twitter

Ball Don't Lie

Just about everything's been going the Brooklyn Nets' way of late — they've won nine of their last 10, they're 12-2 since firing Avery Johnson, they've made multiple improvements on both sides of the ball under P.J. Carlesimo and they've drawn to within a half-game of the New York Knicks for first place in the Atlantic Division. Brook Lopez, Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Kris Humphries ... it seems like every player in black and white's got an extra spring in his step and some extra snap on his jumper.

Everyone except Jerry Stackhouse, that is. In 17 appearances under Johnson, the 38-year-old veteran had been a surprisingly effective option off the Brooklyn bench, scoring 6.4 points in 17 minutes per game and hitting an above-league-average 36.1 percent of his 3-pointers, including a 43.9 percent (18 for 41) mark on corner 3-pointers. Since Carlesimo's Dec. 28 takeover, though, Stackhouse has been bumped down the depth chart, making nine appearances and averaging just 10 minutes per contest, and he hasn't given Brooklyn much, shooting just 19.2 percent from the floor, 14.3 percent from 3 and missing nine of his 10 corner tries.

As the team has risen, Stack's stock has fallen, and when some Nets fans let him know as much on Twitter on Wednesday, the 18th-year pro decided to fire back. From Nets Daily:

Here is a sampling of Stackhouse's side of the exchange, as saved by one fan. Included in them...

jerrystackhouse Jerry Stackhouse
@jkrugelhead get your followers up.. You’re not even worthy of a response

jerrystackhouse Jerry Stackhouse
@BSchulzBKN Fans want interaction but when it’s not what you want to hear.. It’s rude and defensive.. Ok

jerrystackhouse Jerry Stackhouse
@BSchulzBKN we’ll take pride in the fact your team is 11-1 this year! If I was 36-36 you’d still find something to complain about! Be Happy

jerrystackhouse Jerry Stackhouse
@BSchulzBKN Thx! Educate me b/c I’ve never been a fan.. Always on the other side..
2 hours ago Reply Retweet Favorite

jerrystackhouse Jerry Stackhouse
@baptiste718 @marshon2 neither one of us make that call. When our number is called we play our mins, if not, we support the other #teammate

jerrystackhouse Jerry Stackhouse
@BSchulzBKN wonder if I came to your cubicle and critiqued your work and put it up for public consumption, would your view change??

jerrystackhouse Jerry Stackhouse
@jkrugelhead Aren’t you a nets fan? Or just a Marshon fan? This is the best this team has been in loooong time!!

jerrystackhouse Jerry Stackhouse
@alboboy98 @ed_boulanger I really don’t mind.. I like to argue sometimes! Lol

jerrystackhouse Jerry Stackhouse
@BSchulzBKN I will… Shots come and go just like some "Fans". I’ve shot 0-1 in 4 of the last 5 game. I’m really struggling? Gtfoh

Stackhouse also appears to have sent a direct message to Twitter user @BSchulzBKN, whom NetsDaily reports is a Nets season ticket-holder, encouraging him to "stfu" (shut the [bleep] up) about his struggles because Brooklyn's still a net-plus when Stackhouse is in the game. That's kind of true in general — the Nets are +35 in Stackhouse's 381 minutes on the year. But it's also not true of late (Stackhouse is -23 in 91 minutes since Carlesimo took over) or overall — the Nets score fewer points per possession and allow more when Stackhouse is in the game than when he isn't, and Brooklyn's a little above 4 1/2 points per 100 possessions better this season when he's off the floor, according to's stat tool. (This is just one indication of how plus-minus stats can be problematic at times.)

Also, and more importantly, Stackhouse responding that way to someone who appears not to have said anything incendiary to him seems weird. (The user also notes that he never tweeted at Stackhouse directly; rather, it appears the player sought out conversation about him and chose to send the DM, for whatever that's worth.) It may well have just been inadvertent fire inappropriately directed at a relatively friendly user rather than one who was being meaner or more specifically insulting; still, even if someone else actually did merit a sharper reply, actually sending one probably isn't the smartest thing you can do, even if you don't go full Amar'e and start lobbing slurs at them. (Which is good, because that is both dumb and costly.)

Stackhouse has since deleted everything from last night's exchanges except for one underlining last word:

While I'm not sure Stackhouse made the best decision in this instance, he does have a point. Because fans' relationships with athletes (and celebrities and other public figures) are typically one-way streets, there's a tendency to think that anything they say or communicate to a pro (especially under the auspices of Internet anonymity and from the safe distance afforded by a keyboard) is kosher, all falling under the heading of "whatever, he's paid to deal with this, and besides, I'm a passionate fan." When trolling traffic starts moving two ways, fans tend not to like it quite so much, though this rarely seems to result in the realization that things would be a little bit better and happier if, maybe, nobody was out there trolling. It's a novel concept, but there just might be something to it.

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