Jerry Stackhouse to joke-making, lottery-bound Mo Williams and Jared Dudley: ‘How’s Cancun?’

Jerry Stackhouse has had a pretty rough start to the 2013 NBA playoffs. He's just 1 for 10 in 24 minutes of playing time through the first three games of his Brooklyn Nets' best-of-seven series with the Chicago Bulls, and he's missed all seven of his 3-point attempts, which is especially damaging considering his primary role this year has been to spot up from the short corners to help provide spacing in a Brooklyn offense that has been dreadful for two straight games. It's been established that Player Efficiency Rating isn't a perfect encapsulation of a player's overall contribution during his time on the court, but in Stackhouse's case, his placement on the PER charts this postseason — -9.6, nearly 25 points below the league average of 15, dead last among 150 qualifying players — sounds about right.

And it's not just that he's missing shots — it's that he's missing them badly. More specifically, he's missing everything — five of his nine misses from the floor have been airballs, including one of his three tries in Thursday's 79-76 Game 3 loss. Apparently, Utah Jazz point guard Mo Williams noticed.

And, apparently, Williams wasn't the only one who noticed.

And, apparently, Stack noticed that they'd noticed, and offered the only response one really needs to offer to players whose teams (Williams' Utah Jazz and Dudley's Phoenix Suns) failed to qualify for the postseason:

Zing. Another day, another couple of Twitter haters smacked down.

Add that to Stack's stirring rendition of the National Anthem and his remarkable description of the struggles of the Nets' bench this postseason, and I think you'd have to say this has been a pretty good week for the 18-year veteran. Y'know, besides the "can't hit a shot" and "team being down 1-2" thing. (I now await Stack's sweet, righteous 140-character vengeance.)

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