Jerry Jones: 'I wouldn't accept anything less than $10 billion' to sell Cowboys

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The sale prices for NFL franchises continue to go up, and it’s hard to think they’ll go down anytime soon.

Earlier this year, the Carolina Panthers were sold to David Tepper for $2.3 billion, and at some point, the Seattle Seahawks are going to be sold as well, after the death of owner Paul Allen last month.

One franchise isn’t likely to be on the market anytime soon, and even if it were, it’d have a massive price tag.

‘I wouldn’t accept less than $10 billion’

Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones recently sat down with Bloomberg magazine and was asked about a number of topics.

Jones’ most interesting answer had to do with his beloved Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (R) put a massive price tag on his franchise. (AP)
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (R) put a massive price tag on his franchise. (AP)

Asked “how much would you accept to sell the Cowboys?”, Jones gave a number that just a handful of people on the planet could afford.

“If I had to sell the team tomorrow I wouldn’t accept anything less than $10 billion,” Jones said. “But I don’t want to imply that I would take $10 billion for them. The Cowboys are just not for sale. They’re a long-term asset and my immediate family – which has been part of making them what they are today – they’ll own the Cowboys long after I’m gone.”

Jones said he didn’t use the $10 billion figure “just to say a ridiculous number” but based it on what he believes someone would pay.

“I certainly think you can justify a $10 billion value, but economically, I’d rather have the Cowboys than the $10 billion,” he said.

World’s most valuable franchise again

Earlier this year, Forbes named the Cowboys not just the NFL’s most valuable franchise (for the 12th straight year), it was again named the most valuable sports franchise in the world.

Forbes put Dallas’ value at $5 billion. (All 32 NFL teams are in the world top 50.)

Jones bought the Cowboys in 1989 for $150 million. That set a record at the time, but seems quaint now. Jones’ worth is estimated at $6 billion, with the majority of that coming from his ownership of the Cowboys.

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