Jerry Jones speaks on his relationship with Dan Snyder

Now that the 2022 NFL season has ended, the next step for the Washington Commanders appears to be owner Daniel Snyder selling the team he’s owned since 1999.

It’s been a difficult time for Snyder since July 2020, when The Washington Post released its first report on the widespread toxic workplace culture deep within Washington’s organization. The team has undergone two name changes, and Snyder has been the subject of multiple investigations.

In early November, it was revealed Snyder had hired Bank of American to explore potential transactions for his team. As you might expect, Washington fans rejoiced.

As for Snyder, Colts owner Jim Irsay spoke out against him multiple times regarding his ownership of the Commanders.

However, everything would be fine for Snyder because he still had the support of influential Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, right?

Even that support came into question in October when an ESPN report suggested that Snyder had dirt on other NFL owners if they tried to remove him, including his longtime friend, Jones.

Despite that ESPN report, which Snyder’s attorneys refuted, Jones still supported Snyder, at least publicly. In December, he called the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into Snyder “biased” and “stupid.”

Where does Jones stand now?

“I would say we’ve had to be more formal in our conversations,” Jones said in a December interview via Jarrett Bell of USA TODAY. “We’re not as cavalier as we might have been. Follow me? Don’t know who’s listening. Who’s what? So, we’ve had to be more formal.”

So, according to Jones, it’s about business only. For years, the pair were close as Jones was Snyder’s biggest ally, and the two sat together at league meetings.

Jones still doesn’t believe there is any evidence that would force other NFL owners to Snyder out. Yet, with everything Snyder is facing, from the multiple investigations to the lawsuits and inability to land a new stadium, Jones sees this as a potentially good time for Snyder to sell.

“He’s got the perfect storm,” Jones said. “If he decided to move on, who could possibly blame him? Or her [Snyder’s wife and co-owner, Tanya]? On top of that, he’s not the most beloved guy around, which I guess I might identify with a bit, too.”

That last statement is probably why Jones and Snyder have enjoyed a friendly relationship over the years.

But Jones had one more thing to add:

“Is he worth me taking a sword? He’s not Al Davis,” Jones said of Snyder. “For me, he’s not.”

That says it all.

Jones mentioned how new owners are often beneficial to the NFL. And Washington has no shortage of suitors, with some big-time bids coming in last month to close the first round of bidding.


Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire