Jerry Jones says Cowboys in "upper echelon" of NFL

The Cowboys are 4-2 coming off their off week. In the NFC, only the Eagles (6-1), 49ers (5-2) and Lions (5-2) have better records. The Seahawks also are 4-2.

So, where does that put the Cowboys?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones thinks it puts them right in the thick of the NFC race.

"Well, we belong in the upper echelons," Jones said on his weekly radio on 105.3 The Fan. "I'm not going to say we belong on the field with San Fran, and we haven't played Philly, but we've anticipated Philadelphia being what they look like. I don't want to go that far, but we're in the upper echelon."

The Cowboys' victories are over the Giants, Jets, Patriots and Chargers, teams with a combined 9-17 record. The Cowboys' losses were blowouts to the Cardinals (28-16) — Arizona's only victory in seven games — and the 49ers (42-10).

Jones, though, was appeased by San Francisco's back-to-back losses to Cleveland and Minnesota.

"I would've liked to have played better against the 49ers," Jones said. "I, of course, watched with interest in this entire weekend's games, but certainly that one last night. You see a team step up and play like Minnesota did, and their quarterback did, they can be had, the 49ers. Then, you also see a Minnesota team that needs to be reckoned with down the road."

The Cowboys, of course, are trying to get back to where they haven't been since 1995. That was their last NFC Championship Game appearance and last Super Bowl win.

Despite some injuries that have created holes in their roster, Jones said he is not looking to initiate trade talks. The Cowboys won't get a gauge on whether they have closed the gap on the defending NFC East champion Eagles until after the trade deadline when the teams play for the first time this season.