Jerry Jones will never allow a second NFL team in Dallas | You Pod to Win the Game

Earlier this week, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson says he believes Dallas could support a second NFL franchise. So Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson, Frank Schwab and Eric Edholm explain how that is a horrible idea, and would likely never happen. Reason number one being Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Reason number two? If you think the Chargers are currently a so-called stepchild in Los Angeles, moving to Dallas would be much worse.

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Video Transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: I live in Texas. I thought this was hilarious. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson came out, and he tweets-- starts talking about, we should have a second team in Dallas. Give us an AFC expansion team, talking about the Jaguars moving, the Chargers moving. This is the most ridiculous-- when I saw it, if I had rolled my eyes back any harder, I would have passed out. No way in hell.

Let me give you two reasons. Number one-- Jerry Jones, [BLEEP] you. No way. He's never going to allow another team in Dallas as long as he is alive. And number two, you want to see a team move and be more hated than any other team? You are not moving into Dallas with the Chargers. I mean, look, the Chargers-- I got it-- great roster. You know, I get it, whatever. But you're not moving any NFL team into Dallas, and you're not going to have a fan base.

FRANK SHWAB: They'd make the Clippers look popular.


FRANK SHWAB: You can't even compare. It'd be the dumbest move ever.

CHARLES ROBINSON: It would literally be worse than the Lakers-Clippers.

FRANK SHWAB: Oh, much worse, worse than Yankees-Mets, worse than Cubs-White Sox.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Literally, the Chargers would be like-- I don't even know why we're even talking about the Chargers because it's not going to happen. But the Chargers would be like, you think it's bad being in LA and trying to deal with this right now? Let's just make it completely worse. Let's go into a city and be as hated as we can possibly be. Like I said, the Lakers-Clippers, I think that would be a fairy tale compared to whatever team came in.

FRANK SHWAB: 100%, yeah.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Good god, what a dumb idea.

ERIC EDHOLM: Plus, why would the Chargers, having already been the little brother the last few years and having to share a stadium-- oh yeah, you can sleep in the top bunk tonight. We'll give you a Section J in SoFi. They've already been through that. Why would they essentially do the same kind of arrangement in another city where they clearly will never be the team A? I mean, they should move to Dubuque before they move to Dallas.

FRANK SHWAB: The Jaguars are moving to London, so hey, whatever. We're not going to talk about them either.

CHARLES ROBINSON: By the way, some of the teams that he's talking about potentially moving-- and look, this isn't to shit on their fan bases. Let's say it was-- oh, let's talk about Jacksonville moving, which isn't going to happen. But there are probably more Dallas fans in Jacksonville than there are Jaguars fans. And that's not to say that there's not Jaguars fans. I'm just saying that the fandom of the Dallas Cowboys, as absurd as people make-- and I get it. When's the last time they won a Super Bowl, all this stuff. Every single state you look in, our metrics show a strong Dallas presence in every single state.

FRANK SHWAB: I know a ton of Dallas fans in Denver.

CHARLES ROBINSON: In Denver, right? Listen, I'm in Houston. There's a Texans team. I mean, there's a ton of Dallas fans here who never converted over, who don't care that the Texans have been here 20 years. They just don't give a [BLEEP]. They're like, I'm a Dallas fan.

And I think it's like that. It's like the Raiders. There are certain brands where-- but Dallas is definitely that one, whether it's in California or Florida or wherever a team might be coming from, there's a chance that there's probably nearly as many Dallas fans in your state right now than your own fan base.