Jerry Jones: Dak Prescott has room for improvement

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expects Dak Prescott to get better.

Jones said at the Senior Bowl that there are a lot of positives with Prescott and the Cowboys' offense, but he also believes there are things Prescott needs to do better and will do better.

"The big thing is, we all know there is room for improvement," Jones said. "The thing that I would emphasize more than anything is that Dak has room for improvement. And not just the scheme around him, but Dak can improve. That's a big plus, when you've been playing the game seven years and you, by assessment, have some room to get better in. He did this year, I expect him to do it next year and the next year."

Prescott had a very good regular season in 2023, but he disappointed again in the playoffs. At this point, no amount of improvement Prescott can make in 2024 is going to matter much until he shows improvement in the postseason.