Jerry Jones "absolutely" expects a hip-drop tackle ban

The NFL seems to be destined to ban the hip-drop tackle this week. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones regards it as a done deal.

Jones said he "absolutely" expects a ban to happen, via Jori Epstein of Yahoo Sports. "You can coach that one. In my mind, that’s one of the easier deals. It reminds me a little of [the] horse collar. That's needed. That's very needed. It's very obvious that it’s injurious."

The tackle is characterized by the defensive player grabbing the ball carrier around the waist, twisting, and falling down. The injury happens when the defender lands on the ball carrier's lower legs.

"It’s just too sudden," Jones added. He said it looks like the offensive player has "been shot between eyes when they catch them just right."

Jones summed up the abrupt nature of the tackle like this: "Well, that's got to rupture something."

The NFL Players Association opposes the move. The NFL has made it clear that it doesn’t take the opposition seriously.

The owners are expected to vote on the hip-drop tackle ban as soon as tomorrow. Hopefully, Jones won't be the one taking notes at the meeting.