Jerry Jacobs ramps up the recruiting pitch for the Lions to trade for Jalen Ramsey

The Jalen Ramsey-to-Detroit speculation train keeps adding more freight. The latest addition comes from starting cornerback Jerry Jacobs, who hitched his wagon to the hype train in trying to manifest into reality the purely speculative linkage between the Rams’ Pro Bowl cornerback and the Lions.

The Rams may or may not be interested in trading Ramsey, who has a substantial salary cap hit in 2023 and no guaranteed salary on the final two seasons (2024-2025) of his five-year, $100 million contract. Ramsey, 28, has made the last six Pro Bowls and earned All-Pro status in three of those seasons.

He’s a very attractive trade candidate if the Rams are indeed interested in moving on from Ramsey. Thus far, there is no indication from the Lions that there is any interest in any such move, but that hasn’t stopped the idea from dominating the Detroit discourse lately.

It also hasn’t dissuaded Jacobs, who played well in a starting role in each of the last two seasons, notably in 2022 once he got healthy after tearing his ACL in late 2021.

Jacobs kicked off his recruitment on Sunday morning with a tweet directly tagging Ramsey.

He followed that up with a fun-natured explanation that’s very much in line with Jacobs’ personality,

At this point, nobody knows if anything may come of all the talk about Ramey and Detroit. It’s nice to see the Lions players having some fun with it and Ramsey playing along good-naturedly too.


Story originally appeared on Lions Wire