Jerod Mayo appeared in a hilarious Hellmans Mayo ad during Super Bowl

Jerod Mayo is a man of many talents. From a dependable linebacker for the New England Patriots, to an up-and-coming inside linebackers coach, he has lived a full career on the field. Sunday, we saw him and take his talents to the television screen , as he appeared in a commercial during the Super Bowl.

The ad centers around food waste. Mayo tackles several individuals about to waste food. In the first instance, he tackles a man about to throw away old bread. He then tackles several other people about to waste food, but stops when he gets to Pete Davidson.

“Whoa, whoa whoa!” Davidson said as Mayo began to execute a tackle. “Mom’s already tackling food waste, Mayo.”

Mayo follows through with the tackle.

“Sorry man, I had to,” Mayo said.

“I get it man,” Davidson moaned. “I’m very hittable.”

You can see the full ad below.

The ad was one of the highlights of what was in action-packed Super Bowl. The Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals by a 23-20 score.