Jerod Mayo acknowledges difficult reality for Patriots organization

New England Patriots coach Jerod Mayo knows the organization is not exactly a prime destination for free agents, as they enter a new era of roster reconstruction. He spoke about it on Monday at the NFL annual meeting.

The Patriots have several holes they need to fill on the roster, with quarterback being one of the top positions. Many had hoped the team would land a wide receiver in free agency, but that plan has not come to fruition. The organization may have the difficult task of rebuilding and trying to find success through the NFL draft.

“I would say there are various reasons why guys didn’t sign with us,” Mayo told reporters, via’s Sean T. McGuire.. “Once again, the unknown is scary for a lot of people. And I would say even in our building right now it’s still unknown.”

Rebuilding the organization may be quite the process, with talent deficiencies at multiple positions.

It will be interesting to see how the team is constructed and how long the process takes. If anything, this statement proves that Mayo knows he has a tough task in front of him.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire