A Jermaine O’Neal shot got stuck on the rim, somehow (VIDEO)

NBA players are really good at figuring out how to put a basketball through a hoop. Over years, they've built on their abilities to do so, coming up with new ways to shoot with spin, to kiss the ball off the backboard and to make sure that they get a friendly roll off the lip. It is literally their job to figure out how to do these things.

Even then, sometimes circumstances conspire to create a shot so weird that it defies virtually everything we've come to expect from the interaction between a ball, the backboard, and the rim. In the second quarter of Tuesday night's game between the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks, Suns big man Jermaine O'Neal found himself right under the basket with three Bucks defenders looking to surrounding him. O'Neal worked for a suitable angle to shoot and put up a decent-looking attempt. Except the ball didn't cooperate. It just settled on the back of the rim and stayed there. Check out the video above from our pals at the Yahoo! Sports Minute.

The official scorer listed this play as a block for Ekpe Udoh, and it does look like he got a piece of the ball. The Bucks' John Henson beat O'Neal on the ensuing jump ball, as well, so pretty much everything went against the Suns here. The game wasn't so great for them, either — they lost 108-99 to continue a 1-10 stretch and bring their streak of road futility to 10 in a row.

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