Jermaine Burton talks about his early connection with Joe Burrow

Cincinnati Bengals star wide receivers Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins haven’t shown up to optional workouts since they started, but rookie wide receiver Jermaine Burton has been taking advantage of the extra reps he’s been getting with his new quarterback because of it.

But he does wish that both of them were there so he could take in everything he can from them.

“Truth be told, I would rather both of those guys be here right now but I understand how stuff works,” Burton said Tuesday via Jeremy Rauch of Fox 19. “If anything I would rather be working and learning from those guys and being around them just as much as I’m doing with the other guys.”

But the experience Burton has been getting with Joe Burrow has been invaluable. He has been able to get even more reps with his new quarterback in the optional workouts and he’s learning how to play with Burrow.

“It’s huge. That’s the man,” Burton said. “I like learning how he likes certain things and details on certain routes. He does a really good job explaining how he wants it and how it should be. After him explaining things it’s a bit easier.”

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire