The Jeremy Tyler experiment has come to an end

While Brandon Jennings(notes) is thriving in the NBA and chasing Ciara, another high schooler who went overseas isn't having quite as good of a time. Jeremy Tyler, who skipped his senior year of high school to play professionally in Israel, has had a tiny change of plans — he's coming home.

From a statement by his team in Israel:

"Due to personal matters, Jeremy chose to leave the team on his own will on March 18 and return home to San Diego," Maccabi Haifa owner Jeffery Rosen said in a statement. "We wish Jeremy all the best."

Those "personal problems" Jeremy is suffering from? Well, he's probably just taking it personally that he's only played 76 minutes in 10 games for Maccabi Haifa. Not exactly world-beater numbers. Heck, not even Tskitishvili numbers.

But since Tyler played a year professionally, he can't go to college. That means his next team is a bit of a mystery. Here's what his agent told Jonathan Givony of Draft Express after word got out earlier this month that he wasn't playing to well overseas:

On his next team: "I prefer European development model over D-League, in terms of practice time, support system, nutrition, etc. [He] will have European opportunities. [We] need to be selective of where he goes. Money is not the most important thing right now. [He] took significantly less money to go to Haifa [because he] felt more comfortable in Israel.

Now, I'm guessing Tyler's agent doesn't really care where his next team is, just that he has one. The NBA doesn't look too kindly upon not playing organized basketball. Just ask Lenny Cooke.

It's really too bad that Tyler chose to go to Israel. He would have been a highly recruited prospect, then would have attended college for a year, then been a top draft pick just from staying in the system. Instead, he's exiled in San Diego, unsure of his future.

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