Jeremy Lin’s teammate snaps a picture of his famous couch

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We're surprised it took this long, but Jeremy Lin's best mate and starting backcourt friend (did I mix those two words up?) Landry Fields has finally posted a picture of the couch that Lin sleeps on from time to time on his Twitter account. Last week, we relayed the story of Lin dozing on his brother's couch from time to time as he both waited out his team's pick-up of his contract option and searched for his own apartment, and now we have an actual couch to show you.

(Please don't be an elaborate fake, Landry Fields, because I can't think of a younger brother of college-age in human existence that owns a couch/pillow setup that looks like this. Also, would this couch hold a 6-3 guy?):

If you've long tired of the Jeremy Lin fascination, we don't blame you. But we're also more than willing to discuss the ascension of a talented point guard who takes chances with the ball and isn't afraid to run an offense as he sees fit for a team that badly needs his presence. All the other angles (his religion, his inability to act as a role player, the New York connection, the amount of times he was cut by other NBA teams, his race, the worrying fact that he wore a knee brace on his right knee in both college and in the pros) aren't as interesting to us.

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And, while we're piling on with goodness, here's Dennis Tang's take from GQ on the Knicks' week-long star.

(Please ignore the headline.)

Jeremy Lin also just won the Eastern Conference Player of the Week designation. This is getting wonderfully weirder.

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