'Jeopardy!' Fans React to James Holzhauer Taking a Shot at Matt Amodio

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'Jeopardy!' Fans React to James Holzhauer Taking a Shot at Matt Amodio

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Jeopardy! champion Matt Amodio is on fire, and he knows it. But even still, fellow Jeopardy! prodigy James Holzhauer isn't afraid to give him a hard time.

On September 17, Matt finished off another week on the beloved quiz show with 23 consecutive game wins and total earnings of $825,801. These stats put him in third place for Jeopardy!’s consecutive games won and highest winnings during regular season play. Ahead of Matt in first and second place is Ken Jennings and James, respectively.

Like many others, it seems like James, who now cohosts the quiz show The Chase with Ken, is also keeping tabs on Matt. Hours before the computer science PhD student from New Haven, Connecticut appeared on last Monday’s episode of Jeopardy!, James took to Twitter to compare their winnings. “When you order something online vs. when it arrives,” he wrote alongside side-by-side photos of Matt and himself comparing their 23-day total earnings.

Shortly after, Matt replied back with his own clever joke. “I thought these memes were supposed to have the more attractive person on the left,” he tweeted back, referencing before-and-after pictures.

The 30-year-old Jeopardy! star then retweeted James and wrote another message. “Must be nice having time to throw shade on Twitter,” Matt said. “Us #Jeopardy champions with 0 career losses have actual work to do.”

Needless to say, James’s tweet garnered the attention of Jeopardy! fans everywhere, who were surprised to see he took a shot at Matt.

“Ouch. That's kind of cold, James. I get it, you know a lot of trivia. Why rub it in? 23 games is still impressive, no matter what the amount is,” one fan wrote. “No need to punch down. Matt's a long way from James's record. But he's certainly remarkable. And James is a supernova,” another added. “James… show some class… not nice…why does everyone have to compare him with the previous big winners…. Matt is amazing… he’s only just begun!!! ❤️❤️,” a different fan said. “James I like you always have always will but even you must understand different strokes for different folks. You both play the game your way! Don’t get arrogant on us,” a follower commented.

That said, others enjoyed seeing James interact with the current Jeopardy! champion, including the show itself. “This is how you know you’ve made it, @AmodioMatt!” Jeopardy!’s official Twitter account wrote. “@AmodioMatt this means you’ve been welcomed as one of the top dogs. Can’t wait to see your friendly banter back with James, Ken and Buzzy,” a fan agreed. “Coming from anyone else, this looks like some WICKED shade. But we know better. Man, sometimes I love Twitter,” someone else tweeted.

It sounds like this James-Matt exchange is all in the name of a little competitive fun. That said, since their back-and-forth exchange, Matt has gotten even closer to James' 32-game streak. Only time will tell if he’ll beat the record of one of the most successful Jeopardy! legends.

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