Jennifer Lopez gave Alex Rodriguez the saddest birthday cake on 'Sunday Night Baseball'

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Alex Rodriguez got a fun birthday surprise during “Sunday Night Baseball.” During the broadcast, Rodriguez was surprised by his daughters and his fiancée Jennifer Lopez, who presented Rodriguez with a birthday cake.

Turns out, A-Rod isn’t a big cake guy. After the game had ended, the cake remained. Rodriguez had not eaten a piece of it.

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We probably should have seen this coming. Jessica Mendoza hinted at Rodriguez’s stance on cake when she sarcastically turned to Rodriguez and said, “You love cake.”

As for the cake ... well ... it’s pretty sad. It doesn’t even have a name on it. It just says “Happy Birthday.”

We’re going to assume this generic cake was likely purchased at a local grocery store by the production crew prior to the game. Do you really think J-Lo bought that?

Given Rodriguez’s aversion to cake, that was probably the right move. You don’t want an expensive Duff Goldman cake to go to waste.

What the production crew didn’t count on, however, was that the baseball media will eat anything.

A-Rod’s birthday cake didn’t go to waste, and that’s a good thing.


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