Jennifer Lawrence drunken interview with Stephen Colbert make you love you her even more

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Jennifer Lawrence stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and proceeded to pound a few glasses of rum. The actress was there to promote her new film, Red Sparrow, but she also needed a little liquid relaxation.

After throwing back a rather generous glass of rum, Lawrence seemed to loosen up quite a bit. And as her and Stephen Colbert talked, it became apparent that they were feeling the effects of the alcohol.

They discussed a wide range of topics. When asked about Harvey Weinstein, Lawrence lamented, "He is just that horrible ass boil that does not go away."

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Lawrence also gave a shout out to her nephews saying, "Hi Bear and Jake, Aunt Jen's drunk."

Despite drinking several glasses of rum, she did manage to promote the film. She discussed the plot with mild indifference while slurring her speech. And she showed Colbert some ballerina moves and talked about researching spies.

But while pitching the film, she kinda went off the rails, saying, "It's entertaining, but don't put political weight on it. If you're a typical hater and have a blog, don't go. I would like to officially uninvite all the haters to go see Red Sparrow."

The interview was pretty fun and Lawrence learned a little bit about herself saying, "I love rum! Big rum guy turns out. I didn't know."

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