Jeff Saturday during Week 8: Raiders look horrible

Sometimes, life comes at you fast.

When the games on the Week Eight slate were playing out, Jeff Saturday was an ESPN NFL analyst, presumably sitting and watching games like the rest of us. But he made a couple of comments about the team that will be his first opponent as the Colts’ interim head coach in Week 10, the Raiders.

The first was about receiver Davante Adams, who Saturday apparently was invested in seeing doing well.

“Something wrong with my fantasy stats. Says Devante Adams has 0 [receptions and] 0 [yards] for the first half,” Saturday wrote, punctuated by two facepalm emojis.

The next tweet was simpler, but accurate.

Raiders look horrible,” Saturday said.

Las Vegas, of course, was in the middle of losing 24-0 to the Saints — the club’s first shutout loss since a 52-0 drubbing to the Rams back in 2014. Adams finished that game with just one catch for 3 yards. There’s been no word on if Saturday dropped Adams from his fantasy team.

At 2-6, the Raiders have bigger problems than some potential social media bulletin board material from the interim head coach of their next opponent. But it is one more dynamic at play in Jim Irsay’s stunning decision to replace Frank Reich with Saturday on (at least) an interim basis.

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