Jeff Green to pick up his player option

Nuggets veteran power forward Jeff Green is expected to pick up his $4.5 million player option, a league source told The Denver Post on Friday. Green has until Monday to opt-in for next season.
Source: Mike Singer @ Denver Post

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Ryan Blackburn @NBABlackburn
Jeff Green had a career high 62.7 True Shooting % with the Nuggets in 75 games last year.
He was 35 years old for all of that. Started 63 games. – 7:09 PM

Ryan Blackburn @NBABlackburn
With @Michael Singer reporting that Jeff Green will opt in, the Nuggets (at this moment) sit at $148.3 million committed to nine players, with the luxury tax being $149 million.
I’d expect that salary number to go up. How much remains a legitimate question. – 6:32 PM

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