Jeff Fisher left the Rams in good shape according to Jeff Fisher

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The Los Angeles Rams are one of the most exciting teams in the NFL this year. They are young, talented, innovative and, at 10-4, are almost certainly a lock for the playoffs to say nothing of numerous league awards.

And it’s thanks to one person: Jeff Fisher. Well, at least it is if you ask him.

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The former Rams coach is looking to make a comeback after Los Angeles fired him following the 2016 season and he went on Nashville’s 104.5 FM to make his case for another shot. His reasoning is murky at best.

Jeff Fisher was fired in 2016 after going 31-45-1 in five seasons with the Rams. (AP)
Jeff Fisher was fired in 2016 after going 31-45-1 in five seasons with the Rams. (AP)

“They’re basically, I don’t want to say my players, but I had a lot to do with that roster,” Fisher said. “Left them in pretty good shape, and [head coach] Sean [McVay], as he has shown in a short period of time, is an outstanding young coach, and he’s got the offense going, which was needed.”

Fisher isn’t completely wrong here. After finishing 7-9 in 2013 and reaping the benefits of the Robert Griffin III trade with Washington, the Rams landed Greg Robinson and Aaron Donald in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft. After going 6-10 the following season, St. Louis scooped up Todd Gurley in the first round. And after another 7-9 season in 2016, the Rams traded up for Jared Goff.

You see, Fisher deserves credit for the Rams’ success this year. He’s a tried and true truster of the process. Without his inept coaching abilities, Los Angeles wouldn’t have such a bright future.

But under this logic, the Broncos’ Super Bowl victory in 2015 is all thanks to John Fox. Ben McAdoo will likely be remembered as a martyr when the Giants get back to winning.

Here’s the reality: Jeff Fisher hasn’t guided an NFL team to a winning record since 2008. No contender is going to take a chance on him. No rebuilding team should trust him. That the Rams are succeeding without Fisher shouldn’t make him feel vindicated. If the youngest head coach in NFL history can turn around a franchise more quickly than someone with two decades worth of experience that doesn’t really help your case.

Fisher certainly can coach, but the right fit might not exist for him at the moment. Even if it does, it’s a hard sell for a general manager to make both to fans and ownership. Trying to take some credit for the Rams’ current success might be the logical (and only) move to convince the league he deserves another shot, but to pretend it’s rooted in anything other than revisionist history is an insult to the job McVay has done this season.

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