Jed York: I remember Nick Bosa getting held on Chiefs' big play in Super Bowl LIV

49ers owner Jed York is still not happy about what he views as a bad call against his team in the Super Bowl against the Chiefs four years ago.

York said yesterday that he still remembers the 44-yard pass from Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes to Tyreek Hill in Super Bowl LIV, on third-and-15 with the 49ers leading 20-10 and seven minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. At that point in the game, the 49ers appeared to have it all but won. Instead, that long completion set up the first of three Chiefs touchdowns late in the fourth quarter of what turned out to be a 31-20 Kansas City win.

York still thinks Nick Bosa was held and that Mahomes-to-Hill pass should have been called back.

“I remember Nick Bosa getting held on third-and-long and that not getting called," York said. "But it's football. I should say this, I haven't talked to anybody with Detroit, but I feel for them when you're in a situation where you're up and you think you can win a game and make it memorable and things go the wrong way. I've been on good sides of that and I've been on bad sides of that. When you're up by 10 points against a team in a Super Bowl, thoughts are going through your head like, We're going to have a parade, somebody's going to Disneyland, this is going to be awesome, and then you don't."

York hopes next week's Super Bowl rematch doesn't end with him complaining about the officials.