Jeanie Buss speaks about Lakers legacy as new documentary is released

Yahoo Sports Senior NBA Reporter Chris Haynes sat down with Lakers CEO and controlling owner Jeanie Buss and Director Antoine Fuqua about the development and production of Hulu’s new documentary, ‘Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers.’

Video Transcript

CHRIS HAYNES: When you're producing a documentary like this, Antoine, and for you, Jeanie, what was it that you wanted to relay in this that you think that probably hasn't been told properly and for you, Antoine, how do you go about that process of trying to dissect and look into the situation and see what you can come away with that may be new to everybody else?

JEANIE BUSS: What was important to me is that we tell the true story and that we bring in the people who actually lived it and allow them to share their truth. We all know the wins and losses on the court. But how did that affect that person? And where did they go from there? There's a toll from losing, but there's also a toll from winning. And just everybody's story's different. And hearing those stories and giving people an opportunity to share that was what was important to me.

ANTOINE FUQUA: Yeah, you rely heavy on people talking, the people who lived it. You just start the conversation. We have a list of questions we normally go through, and then the things that you've never heard before can only come from them. And we were blessed to have everyone show up, over 75 interviews, and just kind of give their truth, man, and talk about it very openly. That I was always surprised about. And they talked about it with humor. A lot of them were laughing about it and gave some trade secrets about names they called each other and stuff. It's fun, man. And some deeper subjects about family, some things that were really painful to talk about, but they did. That was the journey, man.

CHRIS HAYNES: Some may be skeptical we're not going to get the real truth. We're not going to get the inside. What do you say to those people? What do you want to relate to that?

JEANIE BUSS: I think when they watch it and they see the actual people who lived it in their own words explain what their experience was like and we're not sugarcoating anything. We want everybody-- we encouraged everybody to tell their truth, and everyone that we asked to participate agreed to. And we're talking not only former Lakers, but also players who played on teams we competed with who agreed to be interviewed for this series.

CHRIS HAYNES: What was the one thing that you wanted to set the record straight on that you got to do in this situation?

JEANIE BUSS: I mean, not to give away too much because we want people to watch it, but I think just sharing the story-- Phil Jackson got fired from the Lakers twice. And so the idea that he left and then wrote a book about Kobe and then came back and coached the team, I think that's a lot of material that people now, because time has passed, it's easier to go back and talk about.

CHRIS HAYNES: Do you believe that the work is done as far as, man, we did it, we put the vision out? Or do you feel like there's more that should be added to, I guess, you guys' resume?

JEANIE BUSS: Yeah, there's a lot more Lakers history to be written. And it's going to be written by new players, new coaches. The title of the docuseries is "Legacy" and the legacy that my dad created. I look at-- I'm just adding to what he started. And certainly, the work's not done yet. We've got to continue that quest, and we'll do so.