Source: Unretired Randy Moss willing to return to league with no guaranteed money

INDIANAPOLIS – Randy Moss is willing to take a deal that doesn't guarantee money, a source close to the wide receiver said.

"This is not about money for him, he wants to play," the source said. "He'll want to be paid if he makes the team, but nothing up front. He's not trying to grab a check."

Moss, who announced his plans earlier this month to return after retiring from football last August, has received interest from two teams, although neither is the New England Patriots, the team Moss has repeatedly expressed undying respect for since it traded him in 2010.

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If Moss follows through on his desire to pass up guaranteed cash, he is more likely to get interest from NFL teams.

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"The question with him is all about motivation," one NFC team executive said. "I'm not all that interested because I like our wide receivers. But if the guy is willing to come in with no guarantees, just a make-good contract, I think that would make some teams more comfortable, no question."

Moss could, for instance, agree to a contract that is not guaranteed but features a base salary of $5 million if he makes a team and another $4 million or $5 million tied to playing time, production and team performance.


Moss would be willing to show up for the entire offseason program (all teams are set to start in April). If he doesn't make a team, he would not get paid.

"I think Randy would definitely go for that. He might not admit it publicly, but that's how much he wants to play," the source said.



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Moss sat out all of the 2011 season after receiving little interest from teams. Although some clubs called him throughout the season, Moss wanted to play with only a handful of teams, including the Patriots and New York Jets last season.

On Feb. 13 (his 35th birthday), Moss announced his intention to return to the NFL. Moss played with three teams in 2010, finishing with 28 catches for 393 yards and five touchdowns. All of those numbers were career lows.

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