Jeremy Shockey wants the NFL to punish network analyst Warren Sapp for saying he’s an informant

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Free agent tight end Jeremy Shockey continued to vent his displeasure with NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp and the league in general over accusations that he was an informant in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal that resulted in extensive penalties for the team.

Shockey continued to emphatically deny he said anything to the league and communicated that directly with Saints coach Sean Payton on Thursday. Shockey said he has not been contacted by anyone with the NFL regarding its apparent violation of league policy that whistleblowers not be identified.

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In addition, Shockey said he has been contacted by multiple lawyers about filing a lawsuit over the matter.

"Is the league going to come down on their own people when someone does something so wrong and outrageous?" Shockey said. "There should be a standard for punishment, like getting suspended or fined or losing your job. If I say something about officials, the league fines me.

"This guy says something about me that's not true and that he's not supposed to say and what happens? Nothing. You'd think they would have done something to check it out. Heck, this guy [allegedly] hit a woman, got arrested and nothing happened to him."

Sapp was investigated for domestic violence in February 2010 while covering Super Bowl XLIV in Miami for the league-owned network. The charges were later dropped.

Nonetheless, Shockey said he feels he has been damaged by the situation.

"I'm 31 years old and this is not good. People have asked if this is going to hurt me in finding another team. I don't know, but it's not helping me," said Shockey who played for the Saints from 2008 to 2010 and scored the game-winning touchdown in New Orleans' Super Bowl victory.

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