Source: Haynesworth agrees to restructured deal

Albert Haynesworth (left) enjoys a laugh with Vince Wilfork

New England Patriots defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth(notes) significantly restructured his contract in a move that was initially discussed when the team traded for him two weeks ago, according to a source familiar with the deal. The Patriots could not be reached for comment.

Haynesworth, who had a turbulent second season with the Washington Redskins last year, was due to earn $5.4 million in base salary in 2011. Instead, he reduced his base salary to $1.5 million. He can earn all the money and more back in incentives. He will earn $1 million if he plays in 20 percent of the plays and an additional $590,000 when he hits 45 percent, 50 percent, 55 percent, 60 percent and then 65 percent.

Haynesworth, who signed a seven-year, $100 million deal with the Redskins in 2009, can also earn $400,000 if he makes the Pro Bowl. That's a total of $5.85 million if Haynesworth hits all of his incentives.

Last week, New England owner Robert Kraft said he was impressed that Haynesworth "came here to win, not for the money," but declined to elaborate on any deal. Kraft said that was Haynesworth's business to discuss.

The deal saves the Patriots $3.9 million on the salary cap for now. New England was hoping to use much of that money on a long-term contract for Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins(notes), who has reportedly agreed to a six-year deal.

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