Jazzy Jeff reminisces about '80s rap and '90s MLB on 'Old Baseball Cards'

Sometimes on “Old Baseball Cards,” Yahoo Sports’ trading-card driven nostalgia show, we like to throw you a curve ball. This week, that curveball is straight outta Philly and is one of the most famous DJs in hip-hop history.

Jazzy Jeff — who you know from spinning alongside Will Smith in the ’80s and ’90s and from literally getting tossed out of the house on “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” — joins for us a walk down memory lane. Only we’re not just looking at baseball cards. We have “Yo! MTV Raps” trading cards too.

After opening a pack of hip-hop cards from 1991, Jazzy Jeff talks about touring with MC Hammer, listening to EPMD write rhymes on a plane and legends such as Big Daddy Kane and Kool Moe Dee. As we open 1994 Topps Stadium Club, we also talk about Cecil Fielder’s power, learn why Jazzy Jeff won’t trade for an Atlanta Braves player — and we one of us gets stuck with a Vanilla Ice card. If you like to get nostalgic about baseball and music, you’re gonna love this.

Jazzy Jeff joins us on “Old Baseball Cards.” (Yahoo Sports)
Jazzy Jeff joins us on “Old Baseball Cards.” (Yahoo Sports)

If you’re new to our show, welcome! On “Old Baseball Cards,” we open cards from the ’80s and ’90s — usually with baseball players and coaches, but sometimes with famous fans. And sometimes, like this week, we gave them something different to open. The goal is always great memories and stories brought back to life by a pack of cards.

If you dig Jazzy Jeff, check out his recent solo album “M3.” If you liked this week’s episode, I’d recommend our eps with The Miz where we open wrestling cards and Metta World Peace where we open NBA cards and rap cards.

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