Jayson Tatum is willing to take a step back in scoring for a title

Jayson Tatum has been receiving significant criticism during the postseason. The Boston Celtics forward has embraced a well-rounded role for his team, leading to his scoring numbers and shot efficiency dropping. In Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday (June 9), Tatum scored 18 points on 27.3% shooting from the field.

When speaking to the media during his postgame press conference, Tatum admitted that he needed to shoot better, but is happy to continue facilitating for his teammates if it will lead the Celtics to a championship. Tatum recorded 12 assists in Boston’s 105-98 win over the Dallas Mavericks.

“It’s not all about scoring,” Tatum said. “I can be the guy rebounding and getting assists and drawing attention, right? I’m going to have the ball in certain spots, right? I draw so much attention. I’m not always going to be the guy to get the shot, but sometimes sacrificing, being in those spots to make the play that we get the best shot possible, knowing that what they want to take away in their schemes and things like that. So being the guy in different ways.”

Tatum has become a complete player. He defends at an elite level. He is one of the best playmaking forwards in the NBA. He can rebound as good as anybody. And, when needed, he can be the superstar scorer everybody expects him to be.

Still, with so much talent around him, Tatum is ensuring his teammates get their touches and their opportunities to shine on the biggest stage.

He is a major part of why the Celtics roster is succeeding, regardless of his scoring output.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire