Jayson Tatum reflects on giving back to St. Louis through youth basketball camp

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Jayson Tatum had a blast hosting basketball camp in native St. Louis originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Jayson Tatum is a star in Boston, but he's a legend in his native St. Louis, where he returned last week to host a youth basketball camp with Gatorade as part of the Gatorade "Beat the Heat" program.

The Celtics All-Star spent two days interacting with young campers at Chaminade High School, where he starred from 2013 to 2016. Tatum's son Deuce even made an appearance -- although Tatum showed no mercy on the four-year-old.

Tatum thoroughly enjoyed the experience of returning to his hometown to share his basketball knowledge.

"It's something I always thought about doing as a kid, that I'd be in the NBA and host my own camps," Tatum said. " ... It's always a lot of fun seeing the kids reaction when I come in the gym and interacting with them."

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Tatum also used the camp to spread awareness for Gatorade's "Beat the Heat" program, which encourages athletes to stay hydrated while working out in hot conditions.

"It's been hot in Boston and it was hot in St. Louis when I got here," Tatum said. "... You've got to beat the heat and stay hydrated with Gatorade. I know that better than anybody. Being an athlete, it's all about what you put in your body when you're training and while you're playing to stay on top of your game."