Jayson Tatum helps get two-way eligibility rules changed to help Harry Giles III

The Boston Celtics had three vice presidents in the NBA’s Players Association last season: Jaylen Brown, Malcolm Brogdon and Grant Williams. However, it was Jayson Tatum who helped his college pal Harry Giles get a rule changed regarding two-way player eligibility according to reporting from Bleacher Report’s Chris Haynes.

“A new provision on two-way contracts in the new CBA will informally be dubbed the ‘Harry Giles III rule,’ which will allow NBA players who sit out an entire season not to have that year count toward the three-year maximum service for two-way eligibility,” writes Haynes. “In the previous CBA, a player with less than four years of service was eligible to be signed on a two-way contract.”

“Under the old guideline, Giles III wouldn’t have qualified for two-way status … because he had technically been on an NBA roster for four seasons,” noted the B/R writer. “He missed the entirety of his 2017-18 rookie season with the (Kings) … and that season officially counted as the first of his four years in the NBA.”

“Tatum, one of Giles’ teammates at Duke, even contacted the league to voice his concerns about the requirements for two-way contract eligibility. ‘I reached out in support,’ Tatum told B/R. ‘Just trying help my guy. He deserves this shot.'”

“After several conversations between Hazan, the union and the league, the requirements for two-way contract status were amended.”

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