Jaylen Warren: "Night and day difference" for quarterback position with Steelers

Anything said about the new set of quarterbacks in Pittsburgh can be regarded as a comment on the last set of quarterbacks in Pittsburgh, especially since the Steelers opted to completely blow up the position.

Here's what running back Jaylen Warren recently said about Russell Wilson and Justin Fields.

"It's a night and day difference with their leadership," Warren said on Cameron Heyward's podcast, via "They bring a lot. They help out. They tell us how to run the route. They're really on it when you don't run it a certain way. They're big on details, kind of what we preach, and it helps a lot."

The clear implication is that the prior trio of quarterbacks — Kenny Pickett, Mitch Trubisky, Mason Rudolph — weren't doing that.

The quarterback needs to be a great leader, obviously. In Pittsburgh, that apparently wasn't the case. Otherwise, to a player like Warren, it wouldn't be regarded as a night and day difference.

How much of a difference will it make when it's time to play games? It obviously can't hurt.