Jaylen Brown calls out ESPN anchor following controversial take

Jaylen Brown has challenged Stephen A. Smith to name his sources after the ESPN anchor stated that he’s been told the Boston Celtics star forward lacks marketability. Smith’s comments came during a recent episode of “First Take,” during which he shared that an anonymous source had told him Brown’s attitude had led many around the NBA to dislike him.

Smith’s comments came during a discussion regarding the All-Star forward’s omission from an All-NBA team this season. Brown has been playing at an elite level yet was not recognized by the voting panel, leading to discussion surrounding his production and personality.

“It’s not so much that he’s underrated, it’s that he’s just not liked because of his, ‘I am better than you,’ attitude,” Smith said. “He knows it. It’s the same reason he is not as marketable as he should be. That’s what an NBA source just sent me.”

Smith has since responded and refused to give up his source. The veteran anchor noted how anonymity is part of journalism and that he defended Brown live on air despite being the one to read out the message in the first place.

Brown is currently playing in the Eastern Conference finals. The Celtics hold a 3-0 lead over the Indiana Pacers.

Any perceived lack of marketability will likely go out of the window if Brown can help his team win a championship. After all, winning solves everything, and Boston has been doing a whole lot of winning this year.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire