Jay Leno, incapable of much else, asks President Obama about the NBA lockout

Disappointment comes from various angles, deserved or otherwise. Should we have stayed cynics from the beginning? Should we have expected more from a president who clearly has little power to drive legislature up the relative kilt of a lobbyist-mad government? Should we ask more from a man who seems above a mess like "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"? Shouldn't we hope for more from a prez that knows that Rajon Rondo sticks his right elbow too far out when he shoots?

Actually, no. There are more important things going on, even with the NBA owners preferring to take the first two months of the season off to save money. That doesn't mean President Barack Obama isn't "heartbroken," again, about the way things have gone with this current NBA lockout.

From the Leno show:

"Well, look, if you look at the NFL, they were able to settle theirs -- and I think they understood. Players were making millions of dollars. Owners, some of us are worth billions of dollars. We should be able to figure out how to split a $9 billion pot so that our fans, who are allowing us to make all of this money, can actually have a good season. And I think the owners and the basketball players need to think the same way.

"They need to remind themselves that the reason they are so successful is because a whole bunch of folks out there love basketball. Basketball has actually done well, but these types of lockouts take a long time to recover from."

Dyspeptic, frustrated, cynical former Obama voter and NBA fan: "Yep."

Full video with that hump Jay Leno after the jump.


Also, don't wear an American flag lapel pin, president. We know you love this country. You don't need to pander to tourists visiting Burbank when you're the electorally voted-in Commander in Chief. If the punters can't understand your devotion, as it was for the 43 presidents that preceded you, then you needn't sway to speak their symbolist language.

That said, the idea of a "good game" when watching a baseball game between two teams you don't care about, as Obama talked about during his take on the World Series? My father, and Spike Lee's father (for further documentation, read Ralph Wiley's "Best Seat in the House"), used to use the same line. They couldn't be more disparate in terms of their political ideologies, so that's a good line to hear. Even after watching President Barack Obama shill on a shell of what used to be prominent, out of Burbank, at 11:35 Eastern time.

More to come? Hardly.

Enjoy Game 6 Wednesday night, Mr. President.

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