Jay Cutler cleared Kristen Cavallari's clogged milk ducts by 'sucking harder than he's ever sucked'

Jay Cutler Bears.
Jay Cutler did what he had to do to help his wife. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has experienced a resurgence in his retirement. Cutler appears on his wife’s show, “Very Cavallari,” where he puts his personality on display more than he ever did during his time in the NFL.

It gives NFL fans a chance to see a part of Cutler they never got to see when he was on the field. Sometimes, though, they might learn a little too much about Cutler.

During a midseason teaser for Season 2, Kristen Cavallari dropped a line that sent NFL fans into a tizzy. When Cavallari had clogged milk ducts, she turned to Cutler for help. He fixed the issue by “sucking harder than he’s ever sucked.”

Yeah, that happened.

Clogged milk ducts are a fairly common issue, particularly among women who are breastfeeding. They can cause pain and, if things get worse, infection. Cavallari might be speaking figuratively when she says Cutler “saved my life” after that clip, but he did do some good by helping her out.

For the most part, though, NFL fans weren’t as focused on Cutler solving the problem. They set their sights on Cavallari’s “sucking harder than he’s ever sucked” quote and made sure to let her know that wasn’t the case.

As you might expect, those fans pointed out every bad game Cutler had throughout his career as proof that he’s sucked much harder in the past. Bears fans seemed especially eager to get in on that joke.

Depending on which part of Cavallari’s story you want to focus on, either you learned something new about Cutler today, or it only confirmed what you saw when you watched him play.

Surely, your life has been enriched by this information.


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