Jawaan Taylor: If you slow it down on film, I’m moving at the same time as the ball

In the aftermath of the Chiefs' season-opening loss to the Lions, Kansas City right tackle Jawaan Taylor became a point of conversation across the league.

Taylor was heavily criticized for lining up too far into the backfield and apparently moving too early before several snaps.

But from Taylor's perspective, it sounds like as long as nothing is getting called, he's going to continue with his same technique.

"As far as the false start goes, no, I haven’t even had a ref really mention it to me," Taylor said this week, via Aaron Ladd of KSHB 41. "But I have had refs mention my alignment, so just making sure I’m not too deep.

"But if you look at it, to the eye it may look like a false start, but if you slow it down on film, I’m moving at the same time the ball is moving — just getting out of my stance with urgency. These rushers are good, so if you can get one step ahead with just using the snap count to your advantage, that’ll be better for you."

With the Chiefs playing the Jaguars this weekend — Taylor's former team — head coach Doug Pederson was asked about it and said he was sure the officials had been notified, while also acknowledging Taylor did the same thing with Jacksonville.

We'll see if Taylor gets flagged for a false start or an illegal formation on Sunday afternoon.