JaVale McGee honks at random people on the street, hilarity possibly ensues (Video)

Eric Freeman

Denver Nuggets center JaVale McGee is well known as a man of the people, or at least the sort of guy who believes himself to be one. At various points in the last few years, McGee has mingled amongst us commoners on a Segway, given a homeless man $100, and handed us all the gift of sweet music. He's like a mysterious benefactor from a Charles Dickens novel crossed with Willy Wonka (who was basically the mysterious benefactor from a Dickens novel crossed with Timothy Leary crossed with a titan of industry).

It's clear that JaVale enjoys getting out of the cocoon of NBA celebrity and interacting with everyday people. To that end, he took to the streets for a new one-minute series entitled "Horn Chronicles," in which he and friends honk at random people on the street. Some are startled, some are confused, and some go about their daily lives. Also, there only three instances of horn-honking, because it's important not to let a single joke wear out its welcome.

I'm not sure if these antics qualify as jokes, but it's apparent that McGee gets a real kick out of it. While a fan might watch this clip and deem that JaVale has too much time on his hands during the offseason, it seems like he would consider this hilarious and essential in the midst of a playoff series, as well. We should not begrudge him his fun, even if we don't entirely understand it.

(via The Basketball Machine and Next Impulse Sports)