JaVale McGee continues his Segway adventure (PHOTO)

Ball Don't Lie

Four seasons into his NBA career, it is very well established that Denver Nuggets center JaVale McGee is an odd duck. His on-court goofs are legion, but his Twitter account paints a picture of a man who presents everything as a retweet, sends out inspirational comments that are ultimately meaningless, and generally has problems determining what makes him look fun and what makes him look like someone you wouldn't want to leave in a room unattended for fear he would set it on fire by accident.

Not surprisingly McGee loves to ride Segways, the fairly practical vehicle that also turns its riders (or is it drivers?) into goofballs merely by association. Back in 2010, JaVale was photographed riding his Segway through a McDonald's drive-thru. As captured by a Deadspin reader named "Patrick," McGee has now been seen Seggin' (that's street slang) around Denver. The photo is above, but the magic is inside each and every one of us.

It bears noting that back in April, when the Nuggets were on the brink of starting their playoff series against the Los Angeles Lakers, McGee asked his Twitter followers if they knew where he could buy a Segway in Denver. Clearly, JaVale was successful. Although, really, we should have assumed as much during that series, because he played with the self-assurance of a man whose transportation needs had been met. Let us all remember this moment next spring, when teammate Kenneth Faried needs to know where he can buy a Razor scooter.

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