Jason Wright: Commanders sold season’s worth of annual suites in 1 week after sale announcement

There are reasons for fans to be excited about the Washington NFL franchise again. Sure, some may not like the name, but with owner Daniel Snyder soon departing, fans are clearly enthusiastic about what’s ahead.

In an appearance on “Last Call” on CNBC this week, team president Jason Wright gave some interesting information that backs up renewed interest in the franchise.

According to Wright, when it was announced that Snyder had hired Bank of America and was exploring potential transactions, fans began buying annual suites in record numbers.

“We are gonna be able to absorb a resurgence of this fan base,” Wright said. “This is a historic franchise with a 90-year history with people that love this team. We’ve already seen some of that business momentum come back. When the sale was just announced, the process was announced last November; we sold what we would normally sell in a full season in annual suites, we made that in a week. After we announced the sale.”

Host Brian Sullivan then asked Wright: “You made, in a week, what you would normally make in an annual season on pre-sales for the big-money suites. So, literally, big-money fans are coming out of the woodwork anticipating a sale?”

“Yeah, there’s anticipating of this franchise returning to what it once was, and people are willing to jump back into business with us, whether that’s sponsors, suite holders and others,” Wright said. “We’ve now built an organization that can absorb that momentum.”

It will be interesting to see if FedEx Field is full of Commanders’ fans in 2023.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire