Jason Williams throws sick bounce-pass alley-oop in Taiwanese exhibition game (Video)

Hey, want to watch supremely stylish former NBA point guard Jason Williams do yet another awesome thing in an international exhibition game? Yeah, me too! Lucky us, then:

Man, if you can dunk, whether you're 50 or not, it must be so much fun to play with a point guard like "White Chocolate" who is always looking for not only the best way to set you up, but also the coolest and most ludicrous way to do so. It sure seemed like Anthony Pimble — the former Southern Indiana forward and Bronx, N.Y., native on the other end of Williams' bounce-pass alley-oop — enjoyed the service.

While it just crossed my InterDesk Monday morning, this play isn't super new — it actually took place back in late June during an exhibition game in Taipei, Taiwan, as part of the ongoing USA Legends tour that's traveled across Asia, featuring fellow former NBA luminaries Clyde Drexler, Dennis Rodman and Gary Payton, among others. (Some of the proceeds from the exhibition will reportedly "help fund the national basketball team's training and further develop the sport in Taiwan," which I hope means we'll be seeing a lot of Taiwanese point guards throwing elbow passes and stuff in like 10 years.)

Plus, as sharp-eyed NBA fans with a memory will recall, the move itself isn't super new, either. Let us cast our minds back to the 2011 Rookie Challenge, when Washington Wizards point guard John Wall hooked up with Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin:

But that's not all — for the youngbloods in our midst, here's a wayback playback from Magic Johnson's "Midsummer Night's Magic" charity exhibition game in 1990, featuring a hook-up between Hall of Famers Isiah Thomas and Dominique Wilkins:

See? Whoever said the former freewheeling Sacramento Kings triggerman wasn't a traditional point guard? It all just depends on which tradition you're talking about — and here's hoping "White Chocolate" keeps adding to this particular strand for many summers to come.

Video via samgar55. Hat-tip to r/NBA.

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