Jason Williams is still embarrassing opponents with dribbles and passes in China (Video)

For most of his career, veteran point guard Jason Williams was a serviceable floor leader. Yet, despite retiring in 2011 with an NBA title to his name and various other accomplishments, Williams will always be remembered for the immediate impact he made with the Sacramento Kings as a rookie in 1998. When he first came into the league, "White Chocolate" was a daily source of highlights, a player who sought out the flamboyant pass or dribble whenever possible. If his name persists beyond this generation, it'll be because of highlight packages like this one.

Even after finishing his NBA career, Williams is still wowing crowds around the world. Last week, our Dan Devine noted that Williams had dusted off his trademark elbow pass for the 2013 NBA Legends Tour in China. But it turns out that White Chocolate did a whole lot more for the fans overseas. As the mix above shows, Williams, at 37 years old, is still capable of a wide variety of incredible dribbles and passes.

(via NBA.com)