Jason Williams goes full 'White Chocolate' in Orlando Pro-Am highlights (Video)

Eric Freeman

Veteran point guard Jason Williams retired in 2011 with a number of accomplishments including an NBA title in 2006 with the Miami Heat, important roles on several more playoff teams, and the not insignificant fact that he became a steady player after initially being a high-risk, high-reward talent in his rookie season with the Sacramento Kings. However, Williams will also be much more known for his incredible highlights with the Kings than his objectively more effective play in his later seasons. He will always be referred to as "White Chocolate," the mad genius who threw passes off his elbow in a way that excused seven attempts that made it to the third row.

During a few appearances at this summer's Orlando Pro-Am Basketball League, the 38-year-old Williams showed that his showmanship was only laid dormant in his last NBA seasons, not gone entirely. Take a look at the video (via PBT):

We've seen highlights from post-retirement Williams before, but these clips feature pretty much anything you could ever want, from subtle dribble-moves in transition to high degree-of-difficulty passes in a crowd. It's safe to say that the Orlando Pro-Am defense does not compare to that found in the NBA, but acknowledging as much is beside the point. On a basic level, it's just fun to watch a master of entertainment in his element.

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