Jason Terry is getting a ‘BK All Day’ tattoo to commemorate his move to the Brooklyn Nets

Ball Don't Lie

It’s a rite of passage in the NBA’s slow season. Wake up the kids and alert the neighbors: Jason Terry is getting another tattoo to celebrate his placement on yet another very good team.

You’ll recall that Terry did the same before entering his penultimate year with the Dallas Mavericks, a season that saw the Mavs take their first championship. He also inked himself with the Boston Celtics logo and NBA Finals trophy before 2012-13, prior to a season that ended with Boston’s first round defeat.

His new team, the Brooklyn Nets, is expected to go out around the midpoint of those Dallas/Boston pole positions, and while Terry isn’t making any championship guarantees this time around, he is committing to the cause. From the New York Post:

“BK All Day,” Terry said with a smile at a community event in Brooklyn. “You heard it here first.”

Terry said the tattoo will be unveiled on Opening Night, but declined to say where he’ll be getting it placed on his body.

“You’ll see,” he said, still smiling.

We saw what happened in Dallas – Terry’s Lawrence O’Brien Trophy ink wasn’t actually recognized and talked about until the Mavs were in the Finals, and the Mavs came away from that run with a ring. Terry’s combination of the Boston Celtics’ logo and O’Brien trophy was revealed before the 2012-13 campaign even began, and if you believe in such things, such a revelation could have put the kibosh on Boston’s championship hopes. Either that or Rajon Rondo’s injury, and Boston’s ever-increasing overall age.

Boston’s aged wonders are in Brooklyn now, with Terry set to team with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett alongside Deron Williams in an attempt to dethrone the Miami Heat, and make up for what should probably be characterized as an embarrassing seven-game loss to the injury-besotted Chicago Bulls in the first round of last season’s playoffs.

“BK All Day” isn’t exactly a championship guarantee, or even a motto (the Nets and their city would probably prefer Terry eschew the rhyme and go with the more traditional “BKLYN” lettering), but it’s something. It’s Jason Terry – he won’t let us leave the dog days of September with at least one story about him to type up.

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