Jason Kelce yelled during each tush push play, "F—k my life"

Eagles center Jason Kelce reportedly is retiring. He'll undoubtedly miss much about football.

There's one thing he won't miss.

Kelce doesn't love the tush push. He has said that he ends up at the bottom of a mass of humanity. Via Laura Okmin of Fox Sports, Kelce shared during the season the words he would shout every time the play was being executed.

"Fuck my life!"

Via Okmin, quarterback Jalen Hurts confirmed that Kelce would indeed let that specific expletive fly.

It's no surprise. It's a tough, gritty play. Kelce's reward for pushing as hard as he can was a squishing by various other large bodies.

That apparently won't be happening again for Kelce. Which means that the Eagles will need to find someone else to anchor the play — and to utter a previously unknown catch phrase that, frankly, plenty of Eagles fans might be muttering today for very different reasons.