Jason Kelce: Travis had to move after he started dating Taylor Swift

Glitterati ain't free.

With Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce entering the upper echelon of worldwide celebrity and fame, he'll literally be paying the price. Even if it's a small price to pay, all things considered.

For example, Jason Kelce recently told Shaquille O’Neal on The Big Podcast With Shaq that Travis had to relocate shortly after he started dating Taylor Swift.

He had to completely move out of his house,” Jason Kelce said, via “People were just staying by his house."

The new house is a 16,000-square-foot mansion, that cost just under $6 million.

Not that it solved the problem entirely.

"The first day he moved into the new house . . . a gated community, someone knocks on a window of the house," Jason Kelce said.

All of the Kelces will now need to take extra measures, from Travis to Jason to Mama. They can afford it, obviously. But it's a reminder that having a high profile creates headaches and expenses. Even though some would say they're good problems to have, they're still problems.